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You Are The Magician

“You are the Magician.
You are the alchemist of your life.
You have the power to manifest the highest vision of your life.”~Eileen Anglin

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Keeping Our Resolutions, Commitments and Goals


I hope 2015 brings you closer to your highest vision for your life.

A lot of people are setting intentions now. New goals.

Unfortunately for many, by this time next week, despite their good intentions, the truth is, they will fall back into old patterns and habits.

Whenever we are doing something that is opposite of the direction we want to go, we have to understand it’s our old programs running. Another part of you is driving the bus of your life and it may not be in alignment with your new vision and goals.

So, when you find that you are not taking steps needed to fulfill your goals, we have to delve into why. Who’s really running the show? What is creating this resistance?

Finding that part of you (usually the inner child-the you under the age of 10) finding out what it fears, what is he or she keeping you safe from?





Being seen?

Then begin creating tools or taking steps to give that part of you what it needs to feel safe enough to let you move forward.

Ask your self what loving thing you can do this week that would move you forward towards the vision and goals you spoke of?

And let the heart float up your answer, not your head.

Your heart, the seat of wisdom, knows how to get you to point A-to point B, not the head.

If this is something you’d like to explore, hire a life coach who can guide you along this line of thought and help you come up with some action steps and also help with accountability in taking those steps. Excuses can come up when we attempt to take action on our dreams and a coach can assist when that is occurring.

Make 2015 a pinnacle year.

Make it the best year.

Make it the year you took steps to create peace, balance, health, fulfillment and actually followed through on it.

peace and happy New Year,

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“I Don’t Have the Time” Is Really Saying “I’m Not Worth It”

Not Enough Time Really Is Saying “I’m Not Worth It”

Make the time for what is truly important

“Not enough time” to create is the excuse for creative souls.

Not enough time to ” take care of myself” and walk their talk, practice what they preach for the healers, for those in the Holistic fields.

Not enough time to eat right when you want to lose weight and get healthy.

Too busy to do things, go places, meet people when you want  to create a relationship in your life.

Not enough time to relax.

To exercise.

To be with a friend.

To paint.

To get energy work.

To be intimate.

To play with the dog/cat.

To create the business or the life you want.

These are excuses for everyone really. And the excuse we use whenever we want to achieve something, or do something we say is important but don’t.

All of us have the same 24 hours. Including Oprah, Richard Branson, etc.

Bottom line: If it’s important enough to you, you will make the time. If not, you will make an excuse.

So, why do you make an excuse?

For example, why do you not find the time  for painting, for example, when you say you want  a successful art career, or you find joy in painting?

There are many reasons why we don’t do the things we claim are important to us.

I would have to work with you personally to guide you in finding exactly what is holding you back from doing the things you not only know you need to do, but want to do.

But regardless of what our personal shadows are around it, excuses are resistance.

And resistance is born from fear, anxiety or complacency.

And the truth of it is, you are declaring to yourself, to those around you, your peers, your colleagues, your family and friends, and to the Universe, that you are not worthy of your best life. Your dreams. That you are not important enough to make the time.

My friends, the day we leave this planet, there will be something on our to-do list that is mundane and not important. Dishes, laundry, bills. Some task left undone.

But when you leave, will that be what is important to you?

Will those things you did not have the time for, that you created excuses around be the very things you regret not having accomplished?

Would you like to declare to the Universe and to your life that you are worth your dreams? That you are worth the live you were born to live? That what you have to offer the world is important?

Then you must get out of your own way.

Make time for what is important. Recognize when you are creating excuses. Find out what is creating your resistance. Make your life an excuse free zone.

If you’d like to explore how to make your choices based on what your divinely inspired purpose is and not based on the “I’m not good enough” , the old tapes and old programs. If you’d like to create your own tools, if you’d like to embrace  that you are good enough and worthy enough just as you are RIGHT NOW and would like to start the  10 Week Transformational Process To Move Toward Your Goals and Vision you can contact me by using the form below.

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Walk in beauty and may peace, grace and fulfillment be on that path,


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