Archangel Empowerment Coaching VIP Package

Each week, you will work with me and a powerful archangel to achieve your best life, with special bonus sessions and gifts offered only in the VIP Package!

12 Week Archangel Empowerment VIP Coaching Transformational Process To Move Toward Your Inspired Life 

Work with the archangels to achieve your goals!


Special one on one phone sessions that combined my certified coaching skills, my intuitive skills and my specialized and advanced energy work.

Do you have a goal in life that you have never been able to reach?

Do you sense that something is blocking it and that something may be you?

Would you like the help of the archangels to break through the frustration and discouragement of never achieving what you want out of life?

Dismantle the old beliefs, thoughts, and patterns that keep you stuck with the angels.

Unveil the highest vision for yourself, your life and your future!

Be more decisive and take action to reach your goals

Be authentic and honest with yourself and others

Create more fulfilling relationships and experience more intimacy

Enjoy a greater sense of freedom, passion, and purpose

Increase feelings of confidence and self-worth

Angel Empowerment Coaching VIP Package to truly transform a specific area of your life.
People who Have worked with me and Archangel Empowerment Coaching have:

  • Found their mission in life
  • Lost weight
  • Relocated to a life and work that fulfills them.
  • Found committed love
  • Written their book
  • Started their own business
  • Increased their income
  • Found more peace and balance in their life
  • Found their muse and creative dreams
  • Found self esteem and self confidence
  • Let go of that which does not serve them
  • Increased their connection to their higher self and the angels
  • Completely changed their life

Highly recommended that you utilize this if you are ready to shift into a new way of living and  looking at your life and any specific goals you have.

Also a great program to find your vision and the amazing being you truly are.

Angel Empowerment Coaching VIP Premier Package

  •  One 60 min. call per week for 12 weeks ( $1,800 value)
  • One 15 min encouragement call per week for 12 weeks ( a $400 value)
  • Three Angelic Light Ray energy phone sessions to clear, raise up and to support you energetically for your new inspired life. (a $500 value)
  • My powerful Angelic Light Ray and Lift Off! With Archangels Michael and Raphael energy meditation MP3′s (or CD’s) to support you energetically as you transform your life. (a $50 value)
  • One of my Angelic Energy Art prints infused with healing transformative energy to assist you in your journey, and personally signed by me. (A $30 value)

A $2,780 value for $2,222  ($558 off!)

Payment Plan available. 3 monthly installments of $740.

Credit card payment available.

Complete Confidentiality
Scheduled calls for same time and day of the week
Develop weekly action steps to move you powerfully forward
All sessions are held via telephone from the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Although I will be using my intuitive skills in our session, these sessions are not traditional readings, although my intuition is engaged and as a channeler,  I am taking my cues from the angels, and we do work with the angels throughout the session.  This archangel empowerment session will bring you to your own deep truth where all of the answers reside. Your angels want you to become empowered. You will get what you need.

Email me by using the form below to see if Archangel Empowerment Coaching is right for you.

Archangel Empowerment sessions will work for you but only if you are truly ready to create a shift, work on finding your answers at a deeper level and willing to commitment to take action steps that will be asked of you to reach your goals. In our work together we will explore how you can move into a new energy, an empowering choice or thought. We want to help you find the tools and choices to create shifts in your life experience.

Eileen Anglin is an award winning angel channel and a certified life coach.

Fill out the form to start your journey!


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