Love Everything That You Are- White Rose Path Affirmations

Love Everything You Are Eileen Anglin

Hiding our flaws, our “faults,” keeps us from becoming close to others and prevents us from following our bliss.

Hiding our “shadows” creates shame. When we feel shame about who we are, we are afraid to let people close to us for fear that they will reject us.

In our careers, if we are not okay with our flaws and perceived weaknesses, we are never good enough. We have an inner fear that we are frauds and someone will discover that if we put ourselves out there.

So we stay hidden.

We stay hidden in our relationships and in our careers.

How do you embrace your flaws?

Think about what that flaw has done for you.

Think about what it has taught you.

Think about how it has made you the person you are today.

I truly believe God gives us our challenges, the experiences of life, so that we may bring our gifts to the world.

If you can see them in that way, you can release the hold they have over you.

See the gift in your flaw and that will allow you to embrace them as a part of who you are. It makes up the amazing being you are today.

Because you are a gift to the world.

When we embrace all that we are, including our flaws, they will have no power over you.

They will not be able to hold you back and they will not be able to prevent you from letting love in.

© Eileen Anglin
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