Are You Afraid to Shine? Self- Sabotage and The Fear of Being Seen

Are you afraid to Shine?

spotlight showdown
spotlight showdown (Photo credit: brightroyalty)

It’s amazing how we sabotage our success because we are afraid of being seen, of standing out.

Why do we do this to ourselves? It’s individual. I would have to be in sessions with you to explore your particular reasons why. But common reasons are because we feel unworthy, or you carry shame about who you are and what you do. Old wounds and family messages can make us not want to stand out. Many times we fear success and the changes it could bring to our life. To our family, our spare time.

And one way we sabotage that is by not taking action to reach our goals.

Many people have a dreamy view of achievement. How many times has someone told you to “set the intention and the Universe will sit up and take notice and deliver your dream to your door.” It is certainly true the divine has our back but we do still need to take action to create our future.

Having goals without creating even the smallest steps leaves achieving that goal up to chance. As Debbie Ford said; “Prayer without action is dreaming.” Unless you set goals and holding yourself accountable you will set yourself up for failure and fuel the feelings of being unworthy and not good enough.

I know what it is like to be on that hamster wheel that takes up a lot of energy but that ultimately, leads us no where. It is vital to our dreams and goals that we explore why we sabotage themselves and guide ourselves to take actions that will lead us to our goals. 

Because we are all works in progress and there is always work to be done.

How do you sabotage yourself? Are you afraid to step fully into that bright light? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

© Eileen Anglin

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Walk in beauty and may peace, grace and fulfillment be on that path,


© Eileen Anglin

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Eileen Anglin, award winning Energy Artist, archangel channel and energy healer, she is also a Certified by The Ford Institute as a Integrative Coach Professional™ specializing in Breakthrough Shadow Coaching. Based on the work of Debbie Ford. Creative Soul Break Free. writer, public speaker and Earth Activist.



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